Ordering, Terms & Conditions

Armour Fitting - Wherever possible please visit the armoury to be measured for your armour. If you cannot visit us please supply us with the following measurements:

Arms: Measure a) the top of the arm from the shoulder point to the elbow, b) from the elbow to the wrist knuckle, c) the biceps, and d) the widest points of the forearm and wrist

Legs: Measure a) from centre of the groin to centre of the knee, b) from the knee to outside the ankle knuckle, c) the thigh circumference, d) for the greaves, wearing hose or similar and your intended footwear, measure the circumference of the calf at the widest point, the circumference of the ankle, and the centre knee to the centre of the outside ankle knuckle

Breast Plate: Measure a) the chest (expanded), b) the throat to bottom of the rib cage, and c) your overall height

Gauntlets: Measure a) from the wrist knuckle to the tip of the index finger,
b) across the knuckle, and c) please supply a glove to your size

Payment Terms - A 30% deposit of the agreed order price total is required to secure a place on our waiting list at which point an estimated delivery date will be provided. White Rose Armoury endeavours to meet all estimated delivery dates, however, occasionally we are subject to delays from our suppliers, in such cases we advise our clients accordingly Once an order is accepted the deposit is non-refundable, even if the order is subsequently cancelled by the client

On completion of an order our clients are required to settle the balance owed before delivery of armour or upon collection from the armoury

- White Rose Armoury and its employees do not and cannot accept liability for any injury or damage incurred or caused when wearing or handling any of the products made or supplied by the company. This is understood and agreed by a client upon acceptance of his / her order and associated deposit payment.

- All products manufactured by White Rose Armoury are guaranteed against faulty materials and/or substandard workmanship for a period of 12 months from the delivery date to the client